KVL by KENVELO: primavara vara 2019

It is said that summer is a state of mind, and we totally agree. For those who are dreaming nonstop to waves, to sand, to sunsets dancing and continuing the same until sunrise. The KVL collection by KENVELO spring summer 2019 is a call to action for you – the summer is near, it has to get you ready.


Spring Summer Collection 2019 KVL by KENVELO is made up of light outfits that allow the woman to feel both stylish and comfortable with the specific air of the holiday. The transition from thick to thin pieces is done through light jackets, in multiple colors, cardigans, thin sweaters, all as a tribute to spring.

Thin jeans and denim shirts also make their way, foretelling outfits for the festival. Days are longer and smart casual outfits must be suitable for office / school, but also for evening outings. We have white / navy striped blouse, cardigans for french chic outfits, combined with perfect jeans, in the purely effortless Parisian style.

The skirts also have a well-deserved place, coming in different styles: from sport – in a complete set skirt & blouse – to smart casual, for those who think twice if to choose sneakers instead of heels.

The holiday theme is illustrated by the predominant marine colors: a lot of white, blue in different nuances, red accents. Key pieces are described by lightness: flu-flu shirts, denim dresses, super comfortable pants.

As always, a leitmotif of the collections is represented by the denim line, multiple blue tones reminding of the sea, and the lightness of fabric and cut offering the freedom so desired. Designed for all silhouettes, KVL by KENVELO embellishes the body and contributes to shape the female body.


When we talk about surfers, we see men in shorts, sleeveless tops, running to the water. A feeling of freedom, moving lightness that you can feel. KVL by KENVELO will propose and challenge you to keep this lightness throughout the year.

Jeans in perfect cuts that fit both body and dynamic lifestyle, emblem polo shirts, long sleeve shirts with discreet prints designed to take out a classic office outfit.

Thin jackets are the star in the first part of the season. They will complet the outfits made of the trouser + shirt and will add a plus of attitude. Our advice: wear them with the sleeves twisted  to be ready for action. It’s more stylish like this!

The smart casual pants are also a MUST HAVE. A valid option for the days when your favorite jeans are inappropriate. If you twist them a little and mix them with a good pair of sneakers, they are the main ingredient of a successful outfit.