KVL by KENVELO: URBAN JOMO – Autumn-Winter 2019/2020

After we all experienced FOMO – Fear of Missing Out – a new philosophy comes to take us out of this world. JOMO – Joy of Missing Out – which translates to paying more attention, being present in what you do, leaving your phone aside and just living.

Your days will be fuller, but more efficient, your moments more delicious. Your outfits, chosen with ease from the wardrobe, will also talk about you and convey a detached attitude, full of charisma.


Present in KVL stores in the country, the first part of the collection makes the transition to autumn and relies on light outfits, easy to integrate during this transition period. Dresses to mix with thin jackets, jeans and cool pants, in modern lines, worn with light sweaters and smart casual shirts.

The JOMO experiences are made up of bohemian moments, full of femininity, by wearing dresses with floral prints, conical denim skirts, all day, in light urban outfits.

URBAN JOMO with quality materials, celebrating the KVL BY KENVELO tradition, reaching different stylistic directions: smart casual, sports chic, suitable for university, school or office days.

The light jackets from the autumn collection are the key pieces and require to be worn either with simple blouses or shirts. At the bottom, the options are unlimited, depending on the purpose of your days: straight skirts, textile, striped, for successful business chic outfits. Fold skinny jeans, or straight pants for more casual days.

The color palette revolves around the cold shades of autumn, from gray, blue, red, all sweetened by floral prints, stripes or hearts.

Denim pants occupy – as every season – an important part of the KVL BY KENVELO collection. With different cuts (straight, skinny, boyfriend), and different shades, KVL jeans are an emblematic part of our outfits in turn, witnessing the JOMO moments.


If your masculine style has not changed in recent years and you are not going to do it, there is no problem. KVL BY KENVELO remains consistent with its classic style, which you are used to. Moreover, URBAN JOMO can be the measure of the fact that you do not care about the fashion trends. Only the upgrade of worn parts must be done at least a few seasons.

For shirt lovers we have pieces in straight lines, discreet prints, perfect to wear with light sweaters.

If polo shirts are among your favorites, then we have new models in different color combinations

In this new season, KVL brings a series of pieces perfect for everyday life, the urban adventure being covered with the lightness of casual and smart casual pieces.
A large part of the collection includes jackets, smart casual pants made of light materials, shirts with simple textures and plain colors that go perfectly mixed with t-shirts with prints. The functional pieces of the collection become essential items: eco-leather jackets, faux fur jackets, sweatshirts and blouses in different colors.

The denim line also covers your jeans needs. Medium waist, straight or, on the contrary, slim. Different shades of blue for greater ease in the color mixing of the whole outfit.