KVL by KENVELO: ANCIENT MARINER – spring summer 2018 

Sails, aqua marine, deep sea, feet on the sand, marine breeze aroma and waves sound. We do not live-report from holiday, but we dream with our eyes open with the help of KVL by KENVELO spring summer 2018 collection. Calm down your eager to vacation with the items of the new collection inspired by marine elements and leave yourselves embraced by the breeze.

W O M E N  C O L L E C T I O N

The first part of the collection, already in the shops, makes the transition from winter to spring with its specific pieces: light jackets, cardigans, thin sweaters, vests and already the classic jeans. The season’s trends are followed through the marine inspiration, the colors palette being an important element to draw the summer landscape.  The KVL by KENVELO collections are made up of comfy styles that allow the woman to feel both stylish and comfortable, with the specific holidays vibes. The ancient mariner’s frame is made of blue striped blouses, applied patches, multiple denim shades, striped vests in bold, contrasting colors.

Shirts are key pieces, extracted from a holiday on the seashore of an ancient town. They come in multiple shapes and textures: figure-fit, with sleeves rolled-up in a feminine style, with squares / checks or, on the contrary, in denim with floral embroidery. And because on the sea the wind is a permanent and spontaneous companion, the auxiliary items are of high importance: light jackets and striped vests, all in a multitude of colors, from neutral shades to the most intense orange. Everything seems to be united by the denim line, the multiple blue tones reminding of the sea in all its shores. For all silhouettes, KVL by KENVELO embraces the body and contributes to shaping the female body.

M E N  C O L L E C T I O N

An eminently masculine theme, Ancient Mariner exploits the sea and its’ shores through a mix of specific textures and chromatics.With the coming of spring, KVL by KENVELO brings a series of perfect pieces for an active life, when functionality lives in perfect symbiosis with the casual highlights of a neat masculine style.

Casual would be the key word that blends the denim line, the comfy blouses of the new collection, casual soft trousers made of lightweight fabrics, plain textured and mono-colored shirts. What will pleasantly surprise you, this season, is the quality of the materials, this becoming the main focus of the brand.