KVL spring-summer 2017: for new beginnings!

Spring brings a new beginning and with it blooms into our minds the idea of countless journeys that awaits us in the coming months. How would it be like to take everyday as an adventure and how would it be to embrace every moment the „travel light” concept? This is the KVL challenge! Life as a journey, your wardrobe made up of items that inspire you and gives you energy just by wearing them day by day. T-shirts with favorite cities landscapes, festival prints, carnival colors and a plenty of positive attitude! KVL by KENVELO spring-summer 2017 collection is dedicated to those who live in the urban jungle having thoughts about tropical beaches and endless holiday.

Women collection

Women collection is drawn in balanced lines that blends both sport and casual styles, in a dynamic mix&match full of personality. Loose-fitting items are season’s HITS, allowing to be worn in generous stylistic combos – t-shirts with simple or cheerful prints will be mixed with quilted jackets or waistcoats and large jersey trousers. „Travel light” experiment continues through spring-summer 2017 collection, new jeans fit perfectly with thin sweaters in different summer colors but also with nautical inspired sweatshirts that reminds us of a holiday on the Riviera.

Men collection

In the same way as women collection, KVL spring-summer 2017 men collection inspire us to an american road trip on the famous Route 66. They can be worn: with rolled up sleeves and favorite KVL pair of jeans for a smart casual outfit, with jersey trousers and a simple t-shirt underneath for a rebel look or „travel light” with a short pair of trousers for an everyday-holiday mood even in the city! So, the new beginning of the season can mean a detox of your wardrobes, adopting only those key items that must be found in a relaxed, inspired and fresh masculine and feminine wardrobe! KVL by KENVELO is the main meeting point for all the hit and must-have items of this season!